About ZEC

Welcome to Zanzibar Entrepreneurship Conference


Zanzibar Entrepreneurship Conference is a conference established by Mr. Nassir Shariya Ramadhan, the CEO of Shariya Business Consultancy in 2021, after he detected the main challenges of unemployment faced by youth especially in Zanzibar.  Nevertheless, the other challenge is business instability which leads to the shutdown of the business. On that account Zanzibar Entrepreneurship Conference will be a platform whereby youth together with other business stakeholders can join in order to eliminate those challenges.ZEC started on September 2021 and succeed to conduct 2 conferences the first conference was in 17/10/2021 at Bububu TC which was attended by more than 75 people, this conference is organized by Mr. Nassir Shariya Ramadhan, and the second conference was at 22/11/2021 which was attended by more than 50 people, this conference is organized by ZECs team and ZAHILFE 

FORMAT OF THE CONFERENCE: The conference will be organized with Shariya Business Consultancy, which will include trainers, speakers and a guest of honor.  The mode of the conference will be in platforms which will be followed after the speaker’s presentation.

Major Objectives of the Training
• To promote first-generation businessman and Industrialists
• To transform the mindset of youth into self-employment tendencies
Minor Objectives
•  Building connections for first-generation businessmen and industrialists with business stakeholders as well as social networking.
•  To provide awareness and train youth in digital marketing.
•  To guide small local industries.
•  To give solutions and suggest remedies of entrepreneurial problems.


To inspire youth and entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship


To conduct seminars and training at university, company, business, and other with payment or without payment
To conduct different ZEC

  •  Increase of skilled entrepreneurs and Industrialists 
  • Increase in self-employment youths
  •  Increase the rate of first-generation businessman and Industrialists
  • Connections and Networking 
  • Some of them will come in our office to get our service that will pay a fee
  • We expect 50% for all attendance in each main conference will be our customer